Gekko Technology was founded in 2004 by British director/cameraman David Amphlett


Gekko produced solutions, solving specific problems experienced on a daily basis, within the environment of image capture through the design and manufacture of cutting edge lighting fixtures and accessories. Gekko lighting tools are user, function and application led ensuring:
• colour quality and accuracy of output
• ergonomic design for efficiency of use
• durability to enable a long, reliable and cost effective working life
• value for money in acquisition
all of which represent our core values.


At the turn of the century, at the dawn of the LED age, David was shooting a documentary for a UK prime time TV channel when he conceived a product to solve a particular problem. Nothing before or since has the required functionality. Three years later following the rapid development of the core technology, kisslite® was born.


Gekko through its short history manufactured LED lighting products specifically for the film, television, photographic and entertainment industries. Gekko products were conceived with the user and application foremost in our minds – solving technical and functional shortcomings with robust, durable, professional instruments.

Gekko products rapidly gained a reputation as fixtures of choice in their class.

Gekko continued to broaden its range of products and accessories developing cutting edge technology. A range of ring light systems, soft lights, hard lights and colour tunable fixtures were complimented by a choice of power and control solutions.


Gekko’s kleer colour™ technology represented the pinnacle of precision in the production, control and maintenance of stable colour and white tunable sources.

Gekko’s fixtures and underlying technology have been acknowledged by leading figures in the industry, reflected by the many awards received and continued demand for the product. Gekko was always committed to listen to peers and image makers, supporting the industry with tools that meet changing requirements and respond to environmental responsibilities.


Gekko Technology whilst no longer manufacturing is still proud to see its products used in film and broadcast studios worldwide and thanks all of its long term supporters, customers, suppliers and friends.